Neale Donald Walsch – Awaken the species






Welcome To Awaken The Species:A Spiritual Quest With Neale Donald Walsch

Awaken The Species takes you on a 20-day journey into the most profound spiritual evolution of your life.

By the end of this journey, you’ll have a permanent and unshakable connection to your true divine nature. And you’ll experience life-changing elevations in every area of life: from your wealth and career, to your health and relationships, to your contribution and spiritual fulfillment.

Many people who complete this Quest also tell us they gain the clarity and personal power to:

  • Be a more loving and heart centered person
  • Be clearer and more congruent in all communication
  • Develop a liberating new view of justice and equality for all
  • Eliminate scarcity thinking
  • Give (and receive) more
  • Develop a far deeper understanding of the Self
  • Show up and make a bigger impact for loved ones, family, and community
  • Understand one’s unique role in the Divine Plan for Global Change
What You’ll Learn

How Your Life Is Going To Change in 20 Days

  • How to get everything you want in life… without… force or struggle!
    The reason you don’t get what you want is because you are not in alignment with your goals. Once you make this shift, it becomes easy.
  • How to find out what you really, really want! Most people think they want something intellectually but find it’s different on a heart level.
    People who are awakened always do what works for them. People who are unawakened persist in chasing what they can’t ever attain.
  • How to live your life so you have everything you need.
    In a world that is showing lack, you’ll discover the balance between wanting and having.
  • How to Eliminate All Problems in Your Life
    When you hear people say problems are part of being human, it’s not true. In fact, it’s a sign you aren’t attuned spiritually.
  • Access Feelings of Joy, Inner Peace, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love, and Hope
    When you understand the concept of unity, you’ll unleash the power of the Divine within you.
  • How to Love Unconditionally
    You’ll come away with a new understanding of what True Love is. You’ll understand how freedom and understanding are the basis of True Love.