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From the 85-year-old, former disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and the late Jose Silva’s top instructor, Burt Goldman

Discover a Revolutionary New System that Amplifies Your “Thoughts Creating Reality” Process and Opens You Up to a New World of Advanced Mind Power

Quantum Jumping, uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and the results of years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of your mind – to accomplish things you once thought impossible. (70,000+ students can’t be wrong)


What You’ll Learn

Five Amazing Benefits You’ll Experience When you Try Quantum Jumping


Better Relationships
  • Find the partner of your dreams… even if all this time you just haven’t been able to meet the right one and you stopped believing in Soulmates;
  • Improve your relationships with family and friends… no matter how challenging they are (and even if you haven’t spoken in years);


Abundance And Success

Get the confidence for the job you’ve always wanted… even if you have missed opportunities in the past and stopped believing in yourself (and NO, you’re NOT too old!);

Find out the quickest, easiest way to attract wealth… even if you’ve never been much of a money magnet; You can still start your own business, even if you’ve been an employee all your life;


Improved Health And Well-Being

Alleviate some health problems by jumping into healthy version of you — absorb that energy and bring it back to Here And Now;

Never feel old again… even if you fall sick just a bit too often; you’re about to discover that Quantum Jumping works like amazing rejuvenating and revitalising elixir;


Growth And Intuition

Understand your past — even if you never knew what really happened — and clear up your emotional and energetic blockages, so you can be truly free to make the most out of future;

Discover what really makes you happy… even if you’ve always felt confused about your life purpose and everyday passions;


Enhanced Creativity And Skills

Master a skill like painting, writing or dancing… even if you’ve never found the time or inclination to take it all the way; Play any musical instrument you want… even if you’ve never read a single musical note;

Learn French, Spanish, German, or any new language… even if you’re still struggling with certain English words;

…and that my friend is just the tip of the iceberg.

Course Information

How Exactly Do You Experience Quantum Jumping?

All you need to do is sit down and follow my lead as I guide you through each and every technique to mastering Quantum Jumping, from beginner level visualizations to highly advanced exercises.

Absorb the principles and history behind each and every one of them. Listen as I inspire you with tales of success, and how you can make them yours.

And finally, smile as you realize your life is about to change forever.

Available EXCLUSIVELY on this site, the groundbreaking Quantum Jumping I course will guide you through the entire process of learning, mastering and changing your life with the Quantum Jumping phenomenon.

The Ultimate Quantum Jumping Course

title here

  • A collection of powerful and easy-to-use Alpha exercises designed to guide you into a deeper state of mind, so you can effortlessly communicate with your alternate selves. * This is the core of the Quantum Jumping experience.
    Eye-opening lessons for a better understanding of the concepts behind Quantum Jumping, so you can fully immerse yourself into your practice, and enjoy better results.
  • Powerful meditative techniques to amplify your Alpha Exercises. These will help you experience more vivid and controllable Quantum Jumps that better serve the area of your life you want to improve.
  • Cutting-edge insights into the innermost workings of your mind, so you can finally realize the full extent of your inner potential and think and act like the most extraordinary achievers.
  • Fascinating case studies that will help you understand the limitless possibilities of Quantum Jumping, and give you ideas for new ways to use it in your own life.
  • Highly intimate accounts of how I and my students have used Quantum Jumping in creative ways to solve problems and accomplish goals
  • And much, much more

You’ll find more details of what’s in each module below.


Chapter 1: Introduction & Quantum Mind Sequence

Your journey into the world of Quantum Jumping, parallel universes and twin-selves begins here. This part of the program will help expand your mind with the concepts, history, and scientific evidence behind Quantum Jumping. You will also experience your first jump and see just how easy it is to meet your doppelgänger.

  • Burt shares his story and interactions in an old Korean farmhouse in 1946, which sparked his journey to discover Quantum Jumping.
  • The Science Behind Quantum Jumping — If the universe can be imagined it exists. Burt explains the idea behind this powerful statement and the science and spirituality behind Quantum Jumping.
  • Stories about how Quantum Jumping has helped Burt unlock extraordinary abilities in singing, photography and visual art.
  • Burt will introduce you to the “Bagha” a powerful ancient yoga technique which will be an important resource for you when you quantum jump.
  • Your first quantum Jump — a short jump into the relaxed alpha state of mind. Plus programs yourself to use “Bagha” at any time.


Chapter 2: Jump Into Abundance

Abundance is present all throughout the universe. The only problem is many of us feel guilty asking for it. I did too, until I realized that abundance, along with material possessions like money or wealth, can manifest in many other exciting and incredible ways. It gives you and your family the life you deserve whilst having a steady stream of income that allows your creative soul to flourish.

  • This module will aim to create the freedom and space to do what you want to do, while giving back to the community you love.
  • Attract Abundance — access a twin-self who already has the rich life, and universal “rhythm” that you desire. Learn how to access the abundance of your twin-self and bring it back into this universe with you.
  • Learn and practice attracting abundance with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into an abundant mindset, jump into a lucky you, jump into a savvy investor and finally jump into ultimate wealth.


Chapter 3: Jump Into Ideal Health

I need you to know this age is merely a number. In my 80’s I became an entrepreneur and created my own business, I made my first music CD, moved to a bigger home, learned to play the piano and even became a featured artist and photographer.

Health is just an extension of your belief system, the same as aging. In this chapter I will show you how to extend your energy and lifespan while slowing down your aging, so you can make these next decades the most exciting yet. If you are suffering from an illness, this chapter will give you some tips and techniques to accelerate your body’s natural healing process.

  • Enjoy Ideal Health — how to change your attitude toward your health – so that when you have it, you see it as something deserved and valuable.
  • Improve your health and attract your ideal body with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into your ideal body,
    jump into your energized self, jump into invincible health, jump into a healthy mindset.


Chapter 4: Jump Into Healthy Relationships

It’s never too late for romance or mind-blowing passion. I am getting married for the second time after my wife passed away. If I can create a healthy relationship in my late 80’s, then you can too!

Deep down all of us have a Casanova or a gorgeous seductress waiting to get out, it’s just the boxed-in thinking that holds it back, in this chapter you will learn to open up your heart to not just be attractive and charismatic, but be the kind of lover that your spouse deserves. Love is as vital to our soul as water is to our body, the problem is most of us are too scared to bring it out. Here I will show you step by step how to mold yourself into a dream lover.

  • Cultivate Healthy Relationships — the basics of what makes relationships work. When two people relate to one another, when there is an equality between the two, when both partners fulfill the other’s needs – that is what makes a good relationship.
  • Attract your ideal mate, strengthen relationships you already have with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into loving relationships, jump into attracting the ideal mate, jump into fun friendships, jump into healthy family dynamics.


Chapter 5: Jump Into Career and Success

In my time I have travelled the world and lectured to crowds of thousands of people, and one thing I’ve noticed is the type of people drawn to Quantum Jumping all have a common definition of success to have the income and the freedom to give back to the people and community they love, and to pursue creative endeavors, which could be anything from wanting to play music, to writing a book or starting your own business.

Put simply, success is the combination of freedom and the ability to express your creativity while contributing back to the world.

We all have a different definition of success. This part of the program has been designed to teach you how to reach your full potential no matter how YOU define it.

  • Soar In Your Career — how to look at your career as your “path” through life. Learn how to use Quantum Jumping to navigate the many forks in this path – and quickly reach your dream destination.
  • Success consists of a series of choices — even the seemingly inconsequential ones. Learn how Quantum Jumping can help you choose wisely and allow you to see the results before taking a decision.
  • Provide value to the world through our work and enjoy success in all areas of your life with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into a purposeful career, jump into a happy workplace, jump into the power of the mentor, jump into blissful success.


Chapter 6: Jump Into a Happy Home

You’re personal space – your home, your office, your car – are important, but a lot of us get too caught up setting goals in our careers rather than at home. You know those sitcoms with the picture perfect families; the wife is madly devoted; the husband is always charismatic and witty, while the kids are cute and curious? Well, it’s not how most of us see our personal space, but you can achieve the Brady Bunch-like existence if you so desire.

This chapter will teach you how to create a sense of harmony and belonging in your family dynamics, and will help you realize that you have more influence over behavioral patterns in your home than you think but it all starts with changing yourself through this Quantum Jump.

  • Establish A Happy Home — a happy home is where there’s a lot of positive energy. Attract more positive energy and you’ll have a happy home. However, it isn’t as simple as broadcasting your intentions to the universe. There are natural forces that can help you with this.
  • Learn how to arrange your home and life to attract cosmic energy with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into clutter-free, jump into Feng Shui guru, jump into the green clean, jump into home harmony.


Jump Into Spiritual Connection

If you’re anything like the 40,000 who practice Quantum Jumping, you know that there is a deeper level to your spirituality than what you’re currently experiencing. Wayyyy deeper. The profound guided visualization you will experience in this chapter will open up levels of spirituality that you can’t access through meditation alone.

I’ve spent the best part of over 50 years studying everything I can – feng shui, creative visualization, guided meditation, reiki – I was even America’s #1 instructor for the Silva Method. Quantum Jumping is a powerful combo of all these techniques, designed to open you at your core and connect with your inner self. After just a few weeks of study you will feel more connected to the rest of humanity, your intuition will sharpen, you will feel peace and calmness and hold no fear of death. The answer lies in keeping an open mind. The answer lies in keeping an open mind and throwing off the dumb rules that society and dogma brainwash us into.

  • Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection — discover how you can experience what different religions and philosophies tell you different things about what you’ll find on “the other side” – and know what’s waiting for you after you pass on.
  • Understand secrets of the spiritual plane with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into open heart, jump into energetic connection, jump into your spirit center, jump into inner peace.


Chapter 8: Jump Into Life Adventure

We are all souls experiencing existence, yet we get held back by the silly societal rules that stop us from experiencing what life really has to offer – love, travel, excitement, laughter, passion and adventure. In this Quantum Jump you will not just amplify your sense of adventure, but I will take you through a journey where you will visualize all the things you want to sense before you die.

Many people have told me that by using this Quantum Jump they find that interesting opportunities and adventures appear as if by magic – but why keep it all for yourself? They say sharing is caring, so this jump will not just bring excitement into your life, but will also show you how to infect everyone you touch with a sense of adventure too.

  • Discover A Life Adventure — Learn the secrets to creating an exciting experience or mission in life that involves both choice and change. Learn how to break free of your limits and turn your life into a series of bold adventures using Quantum Jumping.
  • Embark on a bold new adventure everyday with 4 powerful Quantum Jumps — jump into boundless excitement, jump into fun opportunities, jump into exotic flavors, jump into gentle breeze


Chapter 9: Doppelgänger Integration Process

This is where everything comes together, where you transcend who you are and reach the next plain of human development. The time where you weigh the sum total of your doppelgänger experiences – the lover you, the parent you, the adventurous you, the healthy, successful or spiritual you.

  • Discover your infinite self — integrate all of your twin-selves that you visited with every jump in the program join each of their capabilities together to unite and become even stronger than before.
  • Be unstoppable in your abundance, health, career, relationships, spirituality, home and adventures with this powerful Quantum Jump — Doppelgänger Integration Process Jump — perform this whenever you’re stuck for answers and reunite with your limitless potential.
  • Also learn how to create your own customized Quantum Jumps.

So What Does It All Mean?

When you learn these techniques and meditations for yourself, you’ll be able to:

  • Not just improve your wealth attracting abilities… but turn everything you touch into pure, solid gold
  • Not just accelerate your goals in life… but automatically program yourself to effortlessly achieve anything you can imagine
  • Not just improve your creativity… but unleash deeply hidden talents from within, and master them faster than ever before
  • Not just gain insights and revelations about the challenges you face… but instantly channel a sea of endless enlightened wisdom into your mind
  • Not just reduce stress and negativity… but achieve the nirvana-like state of calmness known as Quantum Relaxation
  • Not just enhance your body’s healing capabilities… but activate targeted healing mechanisms – even down to specific organs – in yourself and others
  • Not just improve your relationships… but activate your ability to connect with anyone—from friends to family to strangers, and establish blissful, meaningful, long-term bonds
  • Not just find out more about yourself… but discover the hidden thought processes, habits, strengths and weaknesses that make up your True Self

All this is very, very possible. These are the exact same techniques I’ve personally used to get even more out of Quantum Jumping.

Now, think about your deepest desires, dreams and goals.

And now, think about even deeper ones that you never told anyone.

What does it take to make them come true?


That’s what Quantum Jumping gives you.

You can’t put a value on it. Because the value is your life. You get your life back by living your deepest desires.

At the many Quantum Jumping seminars I’ve held in the past, hundreds of students pay over $1000 to get these same results.

But committing just 15 minutes a day to this course every day will give you the same results. Do it for 30 days and your friends and family are going to approach you and tell you there’s been a change; that they like the new you.

If this can be achieved after just 30 days, just imagine what your life will be like in a year from now.

I’ve seen many people experience rapid transformation when people integrate their Quantum Jumping, and I can’t wait to hear yours.

What Makes This The Ultimate Edition Of Quantum Jumping

When Quantum Jumping was originally released in 2010, over 40,000 students and it quickly became one of Mindvalley’s most popular personal growth programs ever.

Now, the latest release of Quantum Jumping features more jumps, new techniques and a vastly improved framework, structure and consumption format to make it the best possible learning experience for you.

This new release of Quantum Jumping is based on the thousands of feedback from the students… including emails we receive, conversations with seminar attendees and engaging with Burt’s 110,000+ fans on Facebook.

Because you’re not simply investing on a method to jump into alternate dimensions. You’re investing in the pursuit of a supremely abundant, successful, fulfilled and happy life. One that in the past may have seemed out of reach.

Imagine spending not just thousands of dollars, but precious time and energy on failed investments and purchases, going into ventures, hobbies or activities that in the end just don’t make you happy, meeting the wrong people, or even trying out the latest repackaged ‘do this and you’ll be happy’ schemes that doesn’t seem to show any visible results.

Now imagine the flip-side—knowing how to avoid all the bad, and instead reel in the good.

That’s why Quantum Jumping is truly an opportunity to transform every area of life. The secret behind its success is its simplicity in learning. After studying the course, you can apply and enjoy the benefits for decades to come.

This isn’t the education that most people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on in college and seminars that they don’t understand or use in later life.

The tools in Quantum Jumping breathes fresh new ideas into your life every single day, ultimately empowering you in every area of your life.

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