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Ashtara Ren – Recalling Your Soul Mission

tep Into A 100% Authentic, Purposeful And Exemplary Life Aligned With Your Soul Mission

Join Leading Interdimensional Visionary, Ashtara Ren In This 24-Day Journey To Recall Your Soul Mission & Tap Into The Highest Potential Available For You

In this 24-day Journey, Ashtara Ren will guide you to transcend your limitations, access higher dimensions, recall your soul mission & connect with divine intelligence so you can happily and effortlessly attract your true desires.

Transcend The Biggest Challenges Preventing You From Recalling & Aligning With Your Soul Mission

This Journey will help you if you’re experiencing any of the following problems or symptoms:

  • Lack of clarity on your life-purpose/soul’s mission
  • Feeling empty, unfulfilled and chaotic
  • Feeling like you’re not living your full potential
  • Experiencing low energy, overwhelm and frustration
  • Feeling like you have no control over your life
  • Facing frequent bouts of anger and self-criticism
  • Chronic mental chatter, negativity & self-doubt
  • You feel like your life has been one long struggle
  • You’re unable to create new habits & patterns in life

What Results, Breakthroughs & Transformations You’ll Experience

Feel amazing and excited about your life
Enjoy crystal-clear clarity in your everyday choices
Have a strong sense of purpose and mission
Feel confident and trust yourself more and more
Enjoy higher and higher states of consciousness
Become a spiritual visionary like no other
Feel one and connected with your soul
Start seeing new possibilities everywhere

Meet Your Teacher, Coach & Guide

About Ashtara Ren

Ashtara Ren is a pure contemporary mystic born with full-blown interdimensional gifts who’s had numerous instances of intensive spiritual initiations, near-death experiences and even dematerialization.

Teacher Credentials

  • Worked with Soulvana as a Head of Production, helping some of the world’s top healers and spiritual guides.
  • A powerful healer, spiritual catalyst, coach, mentor and teacher, who has helped hundreds of people from every walk of life including high-level CEOs, executives, healers, philanthropists and artists.

Journey Curriculum

This Is How The Program Is Structured So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible