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Ben Greenfield – Longevity – Mindvalley

The Longevity Blueprint Quest is NOT a fitness program, so you won’t be subjected to long, grueling workouts. Instead, this Quest is an easy-to-follow process to systematically enhance your overall wellness so you develop a body that looks great, feels great, works at its full potential, and lasts.

For 8 weeks, you’ll join Ben Greenfield in a series of simple 15-20 minute daily lessons, designed to simulate a private 1-on-1 session with Ben (which normally costs upwards of $4,997 a month and has a waiting list booked months in advance).

Each session, you’ll discover a simple strategy, technique, or biohack that’s fun and easy to incorporate into your schedule as a regular habit to quickly level up one key aspect of your overall wellness.

Whether you’re a busy executive looking to maximize your health and fitness without sacrificing your time or someone in your golden years looking to heal and inject more energy into your day, you’ll quickly be able to achieve your health goals in shortest time possible.

5 Reasons You’ll Love The Longevity
Blueprint Quest

01. Easy, Fun and Time-Efficient Practices

Every aspect of this Quest is designed around the principle of Minimal Effective Dose to give you powerfully effective practices to elevate your fitness, health, beauty and longevity in the least amount of time. This way, you can develop the body you truly desire while having the time to actually use your new body to experience life to its fullest.

02. Effortless Rapid Habit Formation

You will not have to expend vast amounts of willpower to perform any of the strategies taught in this Quest. Combining powerful behavioral psychology and our cutting-edge Quest learning platform, all of the strategies you’ll learn will naturally become ingrained into life-long habits that you’ll actually love and look forward to.

03. Long-Lasting Transformation

While the techniques you’ll learn will take you no more than a few minutes to do each day, they are not “quick-fixes” that create temporary change. Instead, these are thoroughly researched and scientifically validated methods to create permanent change in your physiology at a cellular level so you experience a powerful transformation that will last you a lifetime.

04. Designed For All Ages And All Body Types

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re at, or what your current fitness levels are, the techniques you’ll experience are designed for everyone. From the rapid biohacks, to the short exercise routines, all the protocols have been validated by science and adapted to allow anybody to benefit from.

05. Trusted By Top Performers

Ben has long been a leading authority in the biohacking, health & fitness, and longevity communities, with hundreds of thousands raving students and fans across the globe. And from world class athletes from the NHL and NFL, to high-performing individuals like CEOs and professional poker players — many of the world’s top performers look to Ben to bring out the best versions of themselves. This Quest is the single most affordable and accessible way to join these top performers, and elevate every aspect of your wellbeing to the peak of your potential and beyond.